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Real Estate

  • Lead Management – Lead management dramatically affects sales and customer relationships. Getting a steady source of leads that gives you a list of customers who are likely to invest in property is definitely a challenge for real estate companies.
  • Sales & Broker Performance Tracking – Tracking the sales and broker involvement is another tedious task that needs to be addressed.
  •  Property Inventory Status – Checking the property inventory status at regular intervals is becoming increasingly important and realtors are struggling to keep track of their inventories.
  • Brokerage Calculations Complexity: Brokerage calculations have been complex ever since. Simplifying the calculations can definitely help in increasing profits.
  • Payment Milestones Tracking: An organization comes across multiple achievements throughout the project lifecycle. Tracking these milestones can sometimes be a cumbersome process.
  • Invoicing Customers and Aiding in Collections: Invoicing is a crucial job and if done in a wrong manner can lead to long term losses.
  • Customer Service Management – Managing customers and meeting their ever changing demands is indeed a challenge.
Salesforce addresses multiple requirements of the Management
  • Managing Project & Demand Visibility
  • Managing leads from different sources like the Website, Field Sales team, etc
  • Real time updates from Field Sales Team
  • Sales Team & Brokers Performance Tracking
  • Sales Forecasting, Reporting & Dashboard
  • Payment Milestones Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Brokerage Calculations
Salesforce CRM addresses multiple requirements of Sales Representatives
  • Month and Day Planning – whom to visit, when to visit, etc.
  • Territory Planning for Real Estate Expo and Outreach Programs – which campaigns to run when and at what time.
  • Activity Management and Alerts – capturing activities, notes, next steps and alerts/triggers for reminders
  • Mobility and Offline – capturing notes on the go on mobility devices (with offline capability)
  • Key Account Management – managing 360 degree view of key accounts and contacts
  • Ease of Reporting – easy solution to report with dashboards to guide sales
  • Training and Development – getting access to all latest training content and completing them at self-pace
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