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  • Track all enquires for courses coming from various sources (Online as well as Offline).
  • Automatic round robin of incoming leads among department heads as per student course of interest.
  • Manage different business processes, one for each – Post Graduate, Under Graduate and Professional courses.
  • Wish to capture 360 degree view of students coming for admission.
  • Automated reminders to department assistant based on the admission stage.
  • Track performance of assistant involved in the admission process.
  • Track the admission fees submitted and pending amount along with email reminders before due dates.
  • Track marketing campaigns to calculate ROI.
  • Integrate admission form processes with colleges/schools website so that enquiry will be automated to CRM.
  • Salesforce CRM is customizable. It helps capture and manage three different education processes for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Professional courses.
  • Salesforce – Sales Cloud CRM enables to track and manage all admission enquiries coming from various sources like Web, Email, Telephone and Marketing efforts on one single system accessible to all the team members in real-time.
  • All the prospective student information coming via web or bulk upload is automatically assigned using round robin to the respective Department Head based on the education interest – UG, PG or Professional course.
  • Sales Cloud CRM is utilized to capture all the interactions (calls made, campus visits, meetings, etc) happening at the Student/Prospect level.
  •  Workflows can be configured to send automatic acknowledgement and reminders to the prospective students for test date reminder, campus visit reminder, etc.
  • Sales Cloud CRM helps to track and manage the fees (submitted as well as pending) from the student.
  • Salesforce.com analytics (reports/dashboards) are used to track the performance of the Department Head Assistant in terms of calls done, admissions closed, etc.
  • Easy customization of Sales Cloud CRM is  to meet industry and company-specific requirements in terms of processes and data capturing..
  • Integration with colleges/schools website to automatically route the admission form filled on the website as a lead/prospect into Salesforce.com.
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