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  • Customer History: Knowing the background of the customers, their previous purchases and their choices is critical.
  • Managing Abandoned Orders: Getting a better understanding of abandoned orders is challenging in the e-commerce industry as it offers multiple products in various categories.
  • E-Mail Campaign Management Tracking: With a flood of emails being sent every minute, tracking email campaigns can be a lengthy process.
  • Order Management: Managing large orders can be tricky at times and may lead to confusion.
  • Service – Call Center Management: Managing calls and time of the employees at the call center is yet another cause of concern for organizations.
  • Gift Voucher Coupon Management: Keeping track of the gift vouchers given out can be a tedious task too.
Salesforce CRM helps you to Acquire, Retain and Extend Marketing
  • Designing customer-centric strategies – order tracking, product configuration and customization.
  • Analytics and reports for top management – top selling products, region wise contribution, customer demographics, and order analysis in real time.
  • 360 degree customer information  management
  • Re-designing workflow management systems – incoming call queries that are not resolved will be escalated to the reporting boss.
  • Analysis on sales revenue generated through e-coupon or gift voucher based sales
  • Delivery tracking
  • Call center management – average complaint resolution time.
  • Return merchandise management
  • E-mail campaigns management – don’t distribute list; report. We can track.
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