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Quosphere’s seasoned business intelligence consulting experts know retailers’ exact analytics demands. It therefore creates a support ecosystem of people, processes, methodologies, and assets that can cater to these demands. In the process, Quoshpere integrates data-driven decision making in their systems.

Strategy & Finance Function Operation Function Marketing & Sales Function
Strategy & Finance Merchandising Department Logistics & Supply Chain Department Store Operations Marketing Customers
Enterprise Planning, Budgeting & Performance Assortment Planning Analytics Network Planning & Optimization Store Profitability Analysis Customer Segmentation Customer Insights
Financial Consolidation Competitive Intelligence Inventory Planning & Replenishment Sales per Square foot Analysis Market Basket Analysis Loyalty Program Management
Governance & Risk Management Profitable Vendor Analytics Transportation Analytics Loss Prevention Analysis Omni-Channel Analytics Cross Sell & Up Sell Analysis
Performance Drivers diagnosis Private Brand Analytics Supply Chain Performance Analysis Space Simulation Analysis Customer Lifetime Value Membership Analysis
What If Analysis Cross selling opportunities Shipment Tracking Analysis GMROI Analysis Campaign Analytics Customer Relation Management
KPI measurement & reporting Product Analysis Sourcing KPI reporting Inventory Analytics Loyalty Program Analytics Survey Score Analysis
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