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Qlik Data Analysis

Every business needs both quick and correct decision-making. Qlik Data Analytics Platform gives the clients of Quosphere a competitive edge by providing them with both. While qlikview’s user-friendly operation speeds up processes, its visual analytics delivers data with precision. With simple web mashups or complex web applications, this platform proves to be a necessary tool for every business to achieve success.

  • Qlik Data Analysis Platform
    Qlikview Analytics Platform enables the clients of Quosphere to develop technology from scratch with the help of efficient data analysis, right from simple mashups to complex integrated web applications, with ease.
  • Limitless Possibilities
    Quosphere helps its clients to create accurate visualizations for data analysis and guided analytics, scaled to the required size, and embed them wherever necessary to deliver greater value to their business through qlikview data analysis and guided analytics.
  • QlikView Data Analysis Platform
    For creating appealing visualizations at qlikview, OEM platform makes it possible for Quosphere clients using qlikview to access our library of modern visualizations for preparing their dashboards and applications. This is required for accurate qlikview data analysis and guided analytics, which benefits them in the following ways:
  • Stay ahead of the competition and deliver maximum value to your customers through efficient qlickview data analysis of data and analytics.
  • Use licensing for every use case, since every client using qlikview has unique licensing requirements, data analysis and guided analytics offers a variety of flexible licensing structures to meet them.
  • Enterprise ready
    Quosphere’s approach covers a wide spectrum of qlikview data analysis and guided analytics use cases with a single governance framework. This allows our clients using qlikview the access to any application with a wide array of appealing visualizations, ensuring them data analysis and guided analytics.The benefits that qlikview data analysis and guided analytics extends to our clients are:

    • Developers can access the QIX Engine and visualizations library to build visual analytics into their existing workflow apps.
    • Use standard and modern APIs to embed visualizations and data into any web portal or application to engage your partner and customer communities.
  • A developer’s delight
    Qlikview data analysis and guided analytics develops and delivers visual analytics regardless of the device. With the help of a standard analytics development environment to create and reuse data models, security configurations, and visualizations, Quosphere’s data analysis and guided analytics solutions provide our clients with the following advantages:

    • Build your own solutions on the Qlik Associative Indexing Engine (QIX)—the same core engine we use to build Qlikview products that enables us to deliver accurate qlikview data analysis and guided analytics to all our clients, every time.
    • APIs were built using open and modern standards and designed to work with anything that exists today.
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