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Qlik Support

Quosphere’s Qlik Support efforts are implemented by our Customer Support Lead at Qlik Support, who works closely with the Technology Support team, along with the Process Specialists. The Qlik Consultants ensure timely support and delivery via Phone, Email, chat, onsite and through our in-house qlik support teams.

Qlik Customer Support Model

Our support team consists of professionally qualified and experienced consultants, who have a thorough knowledge in technology as well as business processes with clients. They ensure a prompt support to our clients, both online and offline. Some of the best customer support models are here.

    • Ticket Based Model
      Our support strategy under Qlik Services strives to extend Help Desk support to our clients, through a single point of contact. Clients are provided with a login, managed by Qlik Support helpdesk, where an issue or bug can be raised and inform our clients about their status of tickets. This makes it possible for us to measure call/ticket trends that can be used to improve process functionality with Qlik.
    • Fixed Price Model (FPM)
      In Fixed Price Model (FPM), the entire process of support to the client is carried out within the pre-decided pricing framework. Qlik Services offers them a low-risk option to clients, the support for which is delivered on-time and within the budget decided.
    • Dedicated Offshore Model:
      Dedicated Offshore Model is a support model that Qlik targets at companies which are equipped with high support and maintenance. For this model, Qlik Support offers them the resources to work dedicatedly on the project at hand or work from our offices from an offshore development center, reporting directly to the client on a daily basis.
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