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Qlik Sense

Quosphere, in association with its partner Qlik, is equipped to drive insight discovery with the help of the user-friendly data visualization app. Quosphere, in close association with Qlik Sense, enables businesses to efficiently create flexible and interactive visualizations and also make quick, meaningful decisions. Quosphere offers a Qlik Sense demo service to businesses to enable them to get a comprehensive understanding of our product offering.

Qlik Sense Features

The salient features of Qlik Sense are as follows:

  • Intuitive
    Qlik Sense uses simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible and interactive data visualizations. Qlik explores the data, with smart visualizations, that automatically adapts to the parameters set on it by the Qlik users. It does not require other professional experts, like developers, data scientists or designers to operate it efficiently.
  • Smart Search
    The Smart Search feature of Qlik Sense makes use of natural search to navigate through complex information to accelerate discovery. Opting for a demo from Quosphere will give businesses a clear idea about this feature.
  • Data storytelling
    This allows the users of Qlik to share multiple points of view, along with the flexibility to return to source analysis whenever required.
  • Centralized Management
    Centralized Management makes it possible for Qlik Sense users to find, access and share relevant analysis, including apps and stories, through a centralized hub. A demo service will give businesses a grasp on how this feature aids in data analytics.
  • Data Integration
    This feature unifies data sources of the clients of Qlik for a complete view of information, while getting rid of any loopholes. This makes it easier to discover hidden insights.
  • Responsive Design
    Responsive design, made possible by Qlik, makes accessing of data from any device a reality. Data can be accessed from devices, irrespective of time or place.
  • Enterprise Scalability
    This provides Qlik Sense users the access to the advantages of self-service discovery, coupled with secure, enterprise-level governance of data and analytics. Demo services offered by Quosphere will make it easier for businesses to get a grip on this feature more effectively.
  • Pre-defined, shared visualization library
    This feature of Qlik Sense makes it possible for users to take advantage of data models, apps, dashboards and stories, to successfully analyse data.
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