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QlikView NPrinting

This is an advanced reporting and distribution solution that creates visually attractive reports, for the clients of Quosphere, by using data and analytics from QlikView and then distributing them in a flash.

Fast and easy report creation

It enables Quosphere’s clients to develop reports with drag-and-drop simplicity, in a variety of popular formats:

  • Microsoft® Office formats including PowerPoint, Excel and Word
  • Highly polished pixel-perfect reports in HTML formats and more
  • Simple, web-based client and built-in editing tools

Reports delivered the way you need them

QlikView NPrinting provides Quosphere’s clients the solution to deliver the right reports to the right people at the right time through these processes:

  • Centrally schedule, generate and deliver reports through a variety of channels
  • Filter information for customized reports relevant to the user
  • Search for and subscribe to reports through a secure, self-service “Newsstand” portal

Collaborative analytics for the enterprise

QlikView NPrinting guides Quosphere’s clients in using the same platform for data discovery and reporting and aids them in the following ways:

  • Enhanced security and scalability for large enterprise deployments
  • Retire legacy BI and reporting systems for significant savings
  • Promote the adoption of data discovery by linking to live QlikView apps
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