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Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry has been tremendously influenced by dynamic market forces. So much so that today it sees a 360-degree transformation from content-centricity to consumer-centricity. The industry now needs real-time data to be able to capitalize on this rapidly changing trend of the digital marketplace and a consumer who is well-connected.

Qlik big data services cater to media networks worldwide. Be it broadcast, telecom, or advertising. Qlik solutions support their functioning effectively to maximize profitability by ensuring a sustainable customer experience.

Executive Management Sales Marketing Operation Finance
Balanced Scorecard Sales Analysis Campaign Analysis Distribution Analysis Financial performance Analysis
Executive KPI and Corporate Dashboard Advertising Sales Analysis Market Segmentation & Penetration Analysis Inventory Tracking Analysis Profit & Loss Tracking
Predictive/What-If Analysis Subscription Analysis Ad Order Detail Analysis Scheduling Optimization Advertisement Profitability & margin Analysis
Performance Analysis Ad Rate Analysis Customer Service & Support Analysis Travel & Expense Analysis
Sales Rep performance Analysis Web Traffic Analysis Production Analysis Trending Analysis
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