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Qlik Implementation


Optimize user adoption of QlikView, with Quosphere’s implementation services, while speeding integration and controlling costs

  • Benefit from Quosphere’s proven consulting experience and vertical expertise
  • Save time with our proven methodology and implementation expertise
  • Speed implementation and reduce risk with best practices
  • Leverage faster user adoption – for a quick ROI

Engagement Models

Do you have pending high-priority projects with yesterday being the deadline? An ever-growing demand that puts excessive pressure on your already overworked IT staff? Limited resources leaving you with no scope to work on new ideas and development?

Quosphere closely works with Qlik Services, which has a dedicated team of experts to help you whenever you need assistance when you are faced with any of the above situations. Unless our clients recommend a model, our team selects a model, after a detailed inspection of the project.

  • Fixed Price Model (FPM)
    When business requirements are clearly defined, Quosphere recommend the Fixed Price Model (FPM) for being the ideal pricing option as it ensures a low-risk, on-time and on-budget delivery of projects. We quote a price before we start working on the project and strictly follow the same throughout the developmental process.
  • Time and Material Model (T&M):
    For clients who want to be an integral part of project execution, this model is best suited for them. The pricing, according to the T&M model, is calculated on the basis of the number of people and hours required to complete the project. This model is useful when scope, specification and implementation plan of the project is difficult to predict.
  • Dedicated Offshore Model:
    Dedicated Offshore Model is the apt model for development, especially for overseas companies. Quosphere provides you with resources to work dedicatedly on your project or be a part of your development team from an offshore development center. They work on your projects from our office spaces and report directly to you on a daily basis.
  • Hybrid Model:
    This model maximizes their ROI, without compromising any aspect of the project itself, is a blend of Fixed Price Model and T&M Model. While Research, Analysis & Estimation is performed, project execution is carried out from an offshore development centre, like in T&M Model.
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