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Consumer Goods

Consumers searching for value in trusted brands have forced consumer product (CP) manufacturers to become customer-centric by more closely collaborating with retailers and suppliers. To be able to promptly respond to consumer demand signals and adapt to demand changes, CP manufacturers must have real-time visibility.

Constantly evolving technology is transforming the manufacturer-retailer collaborations like never before. This is also showing its effect on inventory turnover, storesales, and customer loyalty.

While things are changing rapidly, all CP companies need now is a little more transparency in performance and decision-making tools to smoothly connect manufacturing, distribution and supply networks. And this ispossible only when they can gather business intelligence with real-time analytics.

Quosphere fulfills this precise need with the help of its widespread network across verticals. Not just that, our assured support in the form of business intelligence consulting and sales analytics complements CP manufacturers’ tremendous efforts in creating an amazing customer experience.

Executive Management Operation Head Marketing Head Sales Head Finance Head
Executive Dashboard Production Planning & Scheduling Marketing Campaign Analysis Account Profile Analysis Financial Consolidation Reporting
Balance Scorecard Production Analysis Brand Management Analysis Sales Volume Analysis P&L *Business Dimension Analysis
Predictive/What-If Analysis Quality Management Analysis Time to Market Launch Activity Analysis Contract/Order/Billing Analysis IFRS/GAAP/SOX Compliance
Margin & Commission Analysis Procurement Analysis Product Portfolio Analysis Forecast Analysis Compliance Reporting
Enterprise & Performance Management Inventory & Warehouse Management Cross Sell & Up-Sell Opportunity Management Assortment Planning
Supply & Demand Volume Analysis
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