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Qlik – BI Solution

Qlik is a business data analytics tool which empowers BI solution and selfservice bi users in taking the right decisions at the right time. A comprehensive bi data analytics solution, Quosphere makes businesses well aware of how business data solution should be related, selfservice or not, and informs businesses about how the process of bi analytics works through its efficient analytics tool, Qlik. While the platform efficiently turns bi data into insights, it also lets them reveal, collaborate, analyse and act on business and bi plans. A tried and tested bi solution, selfservice or otherwise, it helps Quosphere’s business clients get an array of data and solutions in record time from multiple sources, organize it meaningfully with its easy-to-use smart data visualization solutions, and share precise perceptions through visuals directly with other users.

Quosphere, in association with Qlik, offers a wide range of products in two segments – Selfservice bi and Guided Analytics. Qlik Sense falls under the selfservice bi segment, and the other Qlik products like Qlik View, Qlik Market, Qlik AnalyticsPlatform and Qlik View NPrinting are categorized under the guided analytics segment. Each of these products, whether they belong to selfservice bi or Guided Analytics, is adaptable to any device which enables smooth coordination, collaboration and communication. Quosphere’s Qlik data intelligence, selfservice or otherwise, combined with its cloud offering, makes it a secure and affordable solution, selfservice or otherwise to make well-informed and smarter bi decisions.

Qlik Products

As mentioned above, Qlik Products can be categorized broadly into Qlik Sense, QlikView, Qlik Market, Qlik AnalyticsPlatform and Qlik ViewNPrinting. The intuitive and user-friendly Qlik Sense offers our business clients with the required precise product data they need in record time and effort, helps you decipher complex data, and create their own product dashboards. Similarly, the QlikView links our product user to limitless data sources of products. While our cloud offering Qlik Data Market allows them to extract and compare data from external sources, the Qlik AnalyticsPlatform gives our clients a competitive edge by helping them take business decisions which are quick and accurate.

Qlik Services

The market is changing rapidly. As a result, Qlik too needed to upgrade itself with the changing times and deliver effective solutions to suit the contemporary business requirements. As selfservice bi Solutions, therefore, does not remain solely about supporting the integration of data and making reports and dashboards, data quality is becoming a crucial aspect as there is a risk of a business going haywire, if it relies on information which is ill-timed, incorrect or inadequate. What contemporary businesses require to enhance their growth and success is a comprehensive cost-effective solution which can live up to the challenge of countering these risks efficiently.

Qlik Industries

A seasoned business intelligence consultant is what any industry needs to make data-driven decisions, to draw a guaranteed ROI. Accurate sales is an effective solution that allows faster decision-making, boosting sales.

Quosphere’s real-time analytics is an integral part of some of India’s top industrial strategies. For years, our solutions have been supporting businesses in reducing project risks while optimizing resource utilization.

Quosphere derives its strength from its rich knowledge resources tenable across industry verticals. The resultant huge data repository is now a steady source of reliable and accurate information for various industries. It delivers its expert services to industries that range right from Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate to FMCG and Insurance.

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