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Who We Are

We work with market leading organizations across multiple industry verticals solving high impact business problems in key horizontals such as Sales & Marketing, Finance & Strategy, Human Resources, Operations and Supply Chain. We provide our clients with holistic solutions around Cloud CRM, Mobility, Business Intelligence and Product Lifecycle Management, through processes driven project management approach and able people. We believe in leveraging data effectively to enable decision support.

Our Vision:

In pursuit of intelligence for man and machine through technology innovations.

Our Values:


Innovation is in our genes; we are in the business of new and emerging technology and we believe innovation is the key to solve technology problems for customers and employees alike.


Excellence is one value that we imbibe in our daily rhythm. From being able to deliver accurate solutions for customer problems to becoming a trusted partner and reliable advisor, each day we strive to keep our customers happy.


We are in the business of supporting factual decision making and it requires us to have a high level of integrity in everything we do. We own up our failures and successes alike.


We constantly encourage all employees to make better decisions; thus developing the skills for self-sufficiency, with a focus on eliminating the bottlenecks which hinder dynamic decision making.


We believe in sharing accurate data and not withholding information with our customers, partners and employees alike.

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