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Rewards & Recognition

  • Spotlight: This is a monthly R&R program, where the employee of the month is rewarded with a gift card/cheque/qupees post nominations from their business heads and chosen through the executive committee. It is a cross functional reward program.
  • Take the Bull by the Horn Award: This award is given for excellence in problem solving and project management, where an employee has done an excellent job in solving customer’s problem, thinking out of the box. This is a quarterly program and given specifically to the delivery team members.
  • Qupees: Alternative to Rupees, the internal currency of rewards, Quosphere Rupees, is minted and printed for sharing among employees. In a collaborative scenario where an employee feels that the other had helped him/her to achieve a task, the employee can recommend to his/her manager to give his/her colleague a certain sum ranging between Qs. 100 to Qs. 500. The relationship if cross functional and non-reporting in nature shall be given a higher weightage. The same can be enchased via Finance anytime of the year.
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