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Our People

Bloom: Bloom is an internal platform at Quosphere which considers all employees equivalent to a flower, each one with its unique traits or talents, similar to flowers. For example, some flowers can be fragrant, some can be beautiful to look at; some are very rare and bloom only in 10 or even 100 years.  These unique traits or qualities can be best nurtured, utilized and developed through proper nourishment, which is what essentially the platform Bloom provides to the employees of Quosphere.

Bloom has three sub verticals through which it addresses the nourishment, i.e. Fun@Work, Rewards & Recognition (R&R) and Development Interventions. Each of these units have year-long activities branded under various categories as mentioned below; Bloom will be supported by “Rhythms” a communication channel.

  • Free Fun Fridays: Free Fun Fridays are a year round fun event, celebrated on the last Friday of every month for 45 minutes to an hour. This event is interactive and the fun activities are played in groups.
  • Jamboree Days: We celebrate the sun and the rain and all festivities round the year through these days.
  • Click Flick: This is a year round photo contest, where all employees send their candid mobile snapshots around a monthly topic. Top 3 photographs are printed and showcased in our headquarters. The best ones are published in our annual magazine.
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