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Driving CRM Adoption among Users

by cmspresident in Blog

Your company seeks to take the next step towards better customer relationships, improve work quality of employees, and optimise business strategies to reduce costs and double productivity. Company’s Management invests in an expensive CRM tool for this purpose only to realise that none of the employees show any keenness to look at it, let alone adopt the CRM tool in everyday Business Practises.

To get your team to actively be interested in the brand-new CRM, you need to build an effective reason to make users genuinely want to use it.

The benefits of getting everybody to use a good CRM tool are too hard to miss.For instance, it reduces operational costs, improves business processes, doubles efficiency, and most importantly, helps to keep customers happy and sales reps can make more money through incentives and commissions.

You need to communicate this to users through the most obvious and effective ways like clear communication, campaign runs and getting them excited.

The following four are some smart techniques that will ensure that your new tool will not be abandoned by users:

  1. Build Awareness from the very Beginning:

Make sure your users know that you have purchased the CRM solely for their benefit. Then go on to explain in vivid detail how it will improve their work quality and reduce time spent in performing tedious tasks. Also, explain how the tool will improve the efficiency of the business, if deployed. The main reason employees may resist change is because they fear extra work and are not aware of how a new practise can improve their lives. Eliminate their fears and doubts. Seek feedback and answer queries.

  1. Emphasize Personal Benefits:

It is an obvious fact that any employee is first concerned about his/her own benefit before their employer’s. Any CRM tool needs user input right from the start. Tell them how they can get more incentives or how their work time will be reduced if they use the CRM software every day. Clever Internal Ad Campaigns via posters, one-on-one training and workshops are great ways to convey these benefits.

  1. Organise a dedicated team:

While companies cannot afford hiring teams specifically for managing and monitoring CRM usage, you can assign small tasks to individuals who you know are responsible and will motivate others to utilise the software. But make sure you choose the right people for the task.

  1. Lead by Example:

It’s not enough if you arrange a meeting where you simply blurt out how and why your employees should use the new CRM. Employees are very sceptical about trusting their boss or manager. Instead of forcing people to attend long seminars, show them results in real time. If Managers attend the workshops along with the team, it will create a feeling of trust and assurance among the team members. Take reports and data without asking users to hand them over. Delegate and maintain tasks through the CRM so that people have no choice but to see the results for themselves.

Internalize the CRM among all users for all Sales & Marketing efforts, Collaboration between users and departments, Pipeline reviews and calculating Incentives.

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